Foodie Trip in Fukuoka, Japan – Day 1

JR Kyushu Rail Pass and First Food in Japan

Tago and I, we had been talking about going to Japan for MONTHS. One night after my job, we found cheap plane tickets from Air Macau — Bangkok ↔ Fukuoka (ofc,economy class). So, without thinking too much, we booked them!! (almost 5 months in advance lol) Time flew quickly and here came the date!

We left Bangkok in the night time and arrived in Fukuoka around 1.30 PM of the next day (transit at Macao Airport, waiting for 6 hours). Air Macau, it doesn’t have many amenities for passengers, but the food is quite alright and that is the most important thing, at least for me and Tago!

Here is my first smile in Japan! (Edited by Tago)

Tago’s Dad, who I called him Daddy-san, picked us up at the airport. We planned to visit Ibusuki, Kagoshima in the next morning, so we headed to Hakata station to make my JR Kyushu Rail Pass.

The package that I chose was All Kyushu Area for 3 days. It costed me 15,000 JPY. We also reserved our seats to make sure that we won’t miss anything! JR Kyushu Pass can be purchased online or with travel agencies, but you have to pick up the actual pass at the station. A seat can be reserved online too, but I believe it has an additional fee. (Seat reservation fee is free at the station)

After that, our stomaches were calling for food lol. So It was time for an activity that I enjoy the most….yes yes EATING! We went to the soba restaurant inside the station named “Nagasakasarashina Nunoyatahei”. I ordered Tempura soba !!

Tempura went well with light soba.

Here’s Cold soba.

Normally, cold noodles are a little bit weird in my common sense but I have to say it was totally better than I imagined. I should have tried it earlier.

Duck soba.

The duck meat was tender…

In the night time, we went to the restaurant just 3 mins away from our accommodation. The atmosphere was cozy and the staff was very friendly.

Tofu salad.  Just an appetizer!

Charcoal grilled chicken as “Jidori-yaki” in Japanese.

Mentai-Tamagoyaki. Mentaiko(mentai) is inside the omelette. This is one of my favorite Japanese food. Mentaiko is my love at first bite!

Hitokuchi Gyoza. “Hitokuchi” means “one bite-sized” in Japanese. This tiny gyoza is only available in Kyushu izakaya! Really juicy and easy to eat.

This is a MUST TRY soul food of Fukuoka, “Motsunabe”. The soup was really delicious but a little bit salty.

After eating veggies and offal, you can add rice and cook porridge! How cool!!

Our travel to be continued. Stay tuned!!

* English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes 🙂